RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)



> From: ITALIA

> Achievement: Diploma of Hospitality Management (Tourism Specialist)

1. Applicant's Profile 

As an enthusiastic and ambitious person with five years’ experience in the hospitality industry - my chosen career-path - I take a responsible approach to any allotted tasks and have been able to develop a mature attitude to problem-solving. I enjoy working as part of a team but am happy to work independently using my own initiative in the workplace, am able to perform effectively under pressure.

2. Education background

Kakadu National Park Accreditation
UKTNP Accreditation NT
Master 2 Sociology Paris FRANCE
Master 1 Sociology Paris FRANCE
Political Science and International Relationship ITALY

3. What qualification did you apply? And why? 

I have completed my Diploma of Hospitality Management through OZCAREER RPL Service. I have wanted to get a qualification regarding my current job for myself as a self-employed person.

4. What evidence materials did you prepare for RPL?

OZCAREER sent me a check list and some guidance. I needed to collect certain amount of required document for them to evaluate my skills and knowledge. Required documents are: Resume, reference letter, USI, latest certifications, media evidence (Video and photo), etc..

5. How long did it take?

It took more than 6 weeks, because I was busy to work and had a great holiday myself for a while. It actually took 3 weeks once I submitted all of my initial document to OZCAREER.

6. What do you want to do in 5 years?

I would like to be a famous tourist guider in my area, Alice Spring. I want to build more relationship with other groups, also increase my business volume in the future!  

How would you rank your achievements
How did the job match your expectations
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