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Committed to people, Committed to the future

“Your Career, Our Future”

"Your Career, Our Future" 이라는 슬로건과 함께 오즈커리어(OZCAREER TRAINING)는 호주에서 지원자별 맞춤식 교육과 적합한 직업 제공을 보장함으로써 고객에게 Life Changing Services를 제공 하는 것을 최 우선 목표로 삼고 있습니다.
오즈커리어(OZCAREER TRAINING)는 호주 시드니에 본사를 두고 있는 글로벌 취업 에이전시로써, 2002년에 창립한 iWorld International Group의 자회사 입니다. 오즈커리어는 호주 교민 최초 Recruitment & Training Agency 로서, 최근 6년간 약 2,400명의 호주 국내 외 구직자를 위한 현지 기업의 인재 채용 및 포지션을 제공해 왔으며, 호주 자격증 (RPL) 교육 및 트레이닝을 운영하고 있습니다. 오즈커리어(OZCAREER)는 호주에서 최적의 인재 서칭 서비스를 제공 하고 있는 AHRI(Australian Human Resources Institute) 및 호주 채용 컨설팅 서비스 협회, RCSA(Recruitment & Consulting Service Association)에 정식으로 등록된 호주 현지 법인입니다.


• 호주 현지 대기업, 중소기업 등 전문직종 관련 헤드헌팅 서비스
• 호주 현지 대기업, 중소기업 등 대학교 졸업생 및 비 숙련자를 위한 인턴십 서비스
• 호주 전 지역 프리미엄 호텔 & 리조트 전 포지션 취업 지원 서비스
• Training Visa과 TSS Visa를 통한 호주 요리사 취업·이민 서비스
• 호주 경력 인증 학위 (RPL) 자격심사 및 진행 서비스
• 글로벌 호주 건설분야 취업 지원 서비스
• 호주 문화체험 오페어(Au Pair) 및 데미페어(Demi Pair) 취업 지원 서비스
• 직무 트레이닝 및 학위(자격) 취득 연수 프로그램

오즈커리어 취업 진행 포지션

• 회계 및 재무 관련 포지션 (Accounting & Finance)
• 디자인 관련 포지션 (Design)
• 경영지원 및 마케팅 관련 포지션 (Management & Administration / Marketing)
• 운송 및 물류 관련 포지션 (Transport & Logistics)
• 호텔/리조트 및 레스토랑 전 포지션 (Hospitality & Chef)


• The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals. They have around 20,000 members from Australia and across the globe. Whether you want to develop your career, get HR support, stay in touch with the latest industry developments, or help to grow the HR and management skills of your team, AHRI membership is for you. AHRI provides education and training services in HR, people management and business skills; produces world-class conferences; and holds seminars and networking opportunities all over Australia – including our biggest annual event – the AHRI National Convention.

• AHRI also sets standards through accreditation of HR qualifications at universities across Australia, conducts research into people management practices, and assists governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work. AHRI is owned by its members and governed by a Board of Directors with a Council of State Presidents that comprises an elected president representing each state and territory of Australia.

• As a member of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and the World Federation of People Management Associations, AHRI belongs to a global network of HR associations that enables the open sharing of research and issues affecting the business of human resources worldwide. AHRI acknowledges the HR experience of its members with a member certification program and commends excellence in HR practice across Australia through a number of awards programs.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA)


RCSA is the peak body for the employment industry in Australia and New Zealand. It represents over 3,300 company and individual Members. The RCSA sets the benchmark for industry standards through representation, education, research and business advisory support so members may concentrate on their core business.

OZCAREER utilizes the strengths of the I-World International Group of having had significant influence on the Korean community for over 10 years. Accordingly, we have a large number of bilingual job seekers visiting our website every day and also have a vast number of candidates on our database all eagerly seeking their dream jobs.

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